Mission Projects


    In February 2019 & 2020 we sent a missions team to Guatemala.  Currently, plans are to build a pastor's training center when we send another team to Guatemala in 2021.

  • Turkey

    Tri Point Church of God Missions Focus:

    Middle East - TURKEY

    Turkey, with 80,000 million predominantly Muslim      people, has an influx of Syrian and other refugees (4 million), deadly political turmoil, and few missionaries. 

    Turkey abounds in Christian history, from foreign temples in the book of Acts to the Seven Churches in Revelation.  Christianity appears to lie in the ruins, but God has a  remnant.  For three Sundays, we will be raising funds to support “BEYOND” in their work to train Turkish believers in Disciple Making Movements (DMM), with expectation of seeing churches multiplied in this strategic country. 

    Please pray for TURKEY:

    ¨ For trainers and mentors of Turkish believers

    ¨ For divine appointments between seekers and those with the Truth.

    ¨ For seekers to be willing to study God’s Stories with their families and neighbors.

    ¨ That believers will be bold in sharing their faith, despite persecution or loss of family and friends.

    ¨ Safety and provision for refugees.

    ¨ For multiplying Bible Study groups in refugee camps.

    ¨ That missionaries AND Turkish believers will be obedient disciples

    ¨ That TriPoint can send a generous financial gift to support Turkish believers being trained to multiply discipleship groups throughout Turkey.



    Please use an envelope or online giving labeled: TURKEY,

    and make checks to Tri Point Church of God 2018.



  • Horn of Africa

    Our Missions Fund Raiser in May yeilded over $4,000 toward Disciple Making Movement training for women in the Horn of Africa.

    B is the beginning of what God is doing with your generous and very strategic donation:


     “Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus!  Thank you for your effort that you showed to us in the work of empowering women by DMM.  Within the last three months we gave DMM training for about 50 women, and God used these women to plant 12 churches, bring 218 people to Christ, and baptize 104 people. Out of these new comers, 60 were from Islam. Your effort is not in vain - it brings big things in the Kingdom of God.”  ~Tsedash, Women’s Coordinator, Ethiopia DMM


    “We thank God for His provision for His work and thank you for your love and commitment in standing with us as we ignite, accelerate and sustain the Disciple Making Movement among women in our region.” 

    ~Aychi, Regional Leader for Horn of Africa DMM