Do you really know?

So.... the question is, do you really know who God is? Lots of people know some basic God trivia from sitting in a church pew, week after week, but they don't really know Him. Knowing about God is totally different than knowing Him as a close companion, a friend, and as your Lord. Just knowing the facts makes you religious, but knowing God's heart and accepting His plan and salvation for your life makes you His son or daughter. The family relationship far surpasses superficial religion!  


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Jesus died on the cross for you. It cost Him his most valuable asset... His life. He didn't do it so you could have a superficial religion; He did it so that you could experience a real relationship with Him. He died to set you free. Free from what? Free from the bondage of sin. Though sin looks good on the outside, it never delivers what it promises. It only takes you down a road that ends in destruction and pain. Sin becomes a chain that you cannot escape on your own. Jesus died to break those chains. He paid for the consequences that you deserve so that you can experience freedom. Free to know Him. Yes, he is a huge, awesome God--the Creator of the ends of the earth. Why would the Creator of the earth want a relationship with you? Because He loves you! He wants you to know Him personally! You can know His heart, His thoughts, His desires, His plans, His purpose, His deliverance, His peace, His joy...His ways. Free from an eternity in hell. Hell is a real place. It is a place of eternal torment. It's beyond your worst nightmare. Why would Jesus go to hell to take your place when He never sinned and didn't deserve it? He did it for one reason: No greater love has anyone than he lay down his life for his friend. But, He did more than just laying down his life. He secured an eternity for you in heaven. But it's up to you whether you receive the gift or not. Free to live the life you were born to live. You were created for a purpose and a destiny. You are not here by accident. Your life is valuable and was created for a greater purpose than mere existence. It doesn't matter what your social status is, what color your skin is, how attractive your physique is, how smart you are, or how old or young you are. God + You = A life of eternal impact and purpose!

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